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Before Toppik

"I'm so grateful. You don't understand how grateful I am for this product. It has seriously changed my life on a level that I never thought could happen for me." - Hazel P.

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Before Toppik

"Toppik gives me the confidence to know that people are looking in my eyes, versus, looking at my hairline." - Alex G.

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Before Toppik

"Toppik fits into my lifestyle now because it has given me back my security as a woman. I don't have to rely on wigs anymore to feel beautiful. I know I'm a beautiful person but when you have thinning hairline it's very uncomfortable." - Belle A.

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Before Toppik

"The first time I saw the results, I was dumbfounded, my jaw dropped, I couldn't believe how amazing it looked." - Adam K.

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Before Toppik

"A few years ago I started to notice some thinning in the front but my major issues have always been the back of my head. I was born with kind of a scar on the back of my head and as my skull grew the keloid scar grew. I've had that on Toppik every single day to keep the back of my head looking like a normal head." - Adriana F.

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Before Toppik

"Using Toppik has greatly enhanced my appearance. When not used in my hair, my hair seems almost half-naked. I'm very happy with how Toppik has changed my look" - Jeff H.

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